Mary Martin started MMPHOTO, DESIGN & MEDIA in 2021 to work with individuals and small businesses to overcome the unique challenges of creating one fluid package of photos, graphic layout and copy writing for a project or business promotion.  Mary believes that bringing ideas to life must be handled with the same understanding, passion and attention to detail as its creator.



Mary first picked up a camera at 16 and has been photographing, designing and writing on the side since.  Businesses and people have included newspapers, small businesses, non-profits, candidates and politicians, couples and self-commissioned works.  Photographic journeys have taken her to urban cities, small towns, back roads, villages, islands and at sea.

For more than 30 years, Mary has worked in and around non-profits, small businesses, started businesses, and organized or participated in community projects and with small budgets, little resources and big plans.  At times she works with one skill and other times works with all skills constantly adapting, learning and growing.

"I'm always up for an adventure, challenge or project.  Give me a shout."